Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Website Monday

This shows how much snow we have gotten this year. DH is standing on the snowbank in front of the barn. Now whoever built the barn the way they did- totally screwed up! A steep sloping roof that dumps snow right in front of the door- Brilliant!

And this is the bag that I have been working on. Think it will go in the Christmas box as is- and when I get some webbing it will get finished off. It is starting to look like a "Green" Christmas this year. This particular bag can hold a 6 pack of soda and still have room to hold more. (Must remember dimensions 17 3/8 by 9 doubled that, for the bottom triangles sewed 8 cm in to make wide bottom- now to run the webbing over the whole thing in 2 different places.)

Today is a day of remembering: This is my Grandmother's Birthday (she passed away in Oct. 2001) also 2 years ago my Dad passed away from a lengthy illness.

Has anyone been grocery shopping lately? An 18 pack of eggs is over $6.00! Makes me rethink having chickens- they would be cheaper to feed! Gas is $3.33 a gallon- a weekly fill up costs me over $50.00! (DH won't let me get a motorcycle or even bike to work in the summer).

Random website: Now we all have heard of Hollywood, But let's go visit DollyWood!

Weather: Snow


Lynn said...

You can see the amt of snow on the cage(?) in the front of the picture as well. How long does it take for it all to melt away?!?

KaKi said...

$6.00?????OMG!!! Maybe you should look at chickens. But wouldn't they freeze??????

Fiber Chic said...

Hope we all stay warm!