Saturday, January 5, 2008

Saturday Sky

Very strange weather today. Went to Soldotna and there was blue sky, sun and beautiful mountain shots (DH didn't really drive around to get a good shot). Then we went back to Kenai and it was cloudy and dark, got this shot of the mountains (they are there somewhere) on our way home. The picture is overlooking the Kenai River w/the canneries to the left.

Thing Two came home today, and already there was DRAMA! He grabbed the wrong bag at the airport and then his took 4 hrs to arrive. Thankfully no one else picked up his bag, all of his Christmas gifts that he received while in Seattle and almost all of his clothes (not to mention bank account info and passwords) were in it.

Bumpkins has an imaginary friend named W. And my sewing machine isn't broken! I can sew, while I was waiting for my machine to be looked at..... I found some more dpns. Size US 8- not what I need for Kazul's gift though, read the yarn label and US 15 are needed. Where am I going to find inexpensive US 15 dpn's here in this area? Oh well. I will think of something.

Today was spent shopping for food for school and work. Life goes back to normal next week.

4 more posts to 200. Who wants a contest? No comments = No contest.


Lucy said...

Contest! Contest! :)

KaKi said...

Contest? Of course!! Go for it!!! Thank goodness your sewing machine isn't broken! Good luck with the sz. 15 needles!!