Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Knitting: Umm... well I took it in the car w/us. But did no car knitting. Did see the cutest leggings at work today- much incentive to finish up Bumpkins. Also a little bird whispered in my ear tonight that my Secred Sistah wants a scarf! So onto looking at scarf patterns. And that is where I am so thankful for Ravelry (you can put the patterns in a queue instead of having a ton of bookmarks). And when you switch computers or log ins.. there they are. Also if computer crashes you don't lose everything.

Took Bumpkins trick or treating. It was a nice night 40 degrees. And we only went to the churches "Truth time machine", it got late and Bumpkins was tired. So a dinner of Happy Meal chicken nuggets, french fries, and apple dippers. Yumm. I took the camera but forgot to take any pix. BAD MOMMY!

Families are so intertwined around here. A mentor of mine has a daughter that I used to babysit, and now the daughter has a son in swim lessons. (Small town?) Well she is pregnant with her 3rd baby- after saying stay away from me. I gave her a hug. Then I read Lynn's blog and she is pregnant too. I AM NOT!

Well off to browse patterns.... and to eat some fudge? Nah to lazy to go upstairs to get the stuff.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: Cast on (actually figured out how many to cast on!) for Bumpkin's leggings. I kind of didn't write down how many I cast on and how many I ribbed for the first leg so making the second was kind of challenging. Have 3 rows done on that- a couple of more and the ribbing is done. Then onto the semi-mindless knitting of rows w/random increases. And since I wrote nothing down- this will be very exciting indeed. First serious project lessons. ALWAYS write down what you did- all projects will take longer.

Work- another long week has begun. But I see a brief glimmer of light- next week I am not supposed to be working the weekend! Yeah! Saturday's incident was discussed over and over again today. Policy was discussed- and yes if child's parents are not available, we are supposed to restrict said child from the water. Especially when Nige went to get him, the lad said "I wasn't drowning, if I was drowning I would have called out for help". UH huh.... not.

So family news.... Thing Two got a letter in football. Now he wants a letter jacket. Always something. Bumpkins' slept from 7 ish last night until just after 10 this am (she woke up but kept going back to sleep.... wonder if it is all the meds in my system that are making her sleep).

Strange stuff Tuesday: What to do? another Halloween item or Christmas... neither how about something somewhat edible. And for all of you knitters out there w/cats the appropriate cake for a party. Warning.... Not to be consumed by the faint of heart.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Wow! I am in!

I have been on the computer updating my space and them this came in the e-mail box on Saturday.

frecklegirl has invited you to Ravelry!

I am known as aksunflour. Working on my flickr account.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

H is for......

Husband.... I had a picture but deleted it off of the camera before downloading it. Duh..

Honey.... you forgot to tarp off when finishing the entry way. (Yep... that is sawdust on my dining room table).

H.. is for howling. Athena wants to kick this cat's bum. It keeps coming around at night. And I am tired of cat fights at 12:30 at night. (sorry for the blurry pic- but trying to snap fast, while getting scratched up, and flash doesn't work through the window!)

Knitting: nothing. sewing nothing. Am so sick- anther head cold. The water chemistry is off, so I get sick more often.

Did make fudge and this strange but fast snack. Let me know if you make it and how it turned out.

Random website: And somethings are discriminating and just wrong. Polydactyl cats of the world unite! uh huh... like I am going to use them anyways. NOT!

dinner: stir fry

Weather: 39 cloudy and the snow is melted! YEAH!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

TGIF? oh it's Saturday.....

I am not going to apologize for not blogging lately. Nicole found this wonderful blog... with an awesome freeing idea called ........ Blogging w/o Obligation. So even though I do the ABC's, Random Web site, Strange stuff and WIPS..... it is ok to not do them sometimes.

So onto what made me late for work 2 days in a row. Thursday, I was late because these 2 creatures were in my yard (and I do not go out w/them). And Friday, I was late because on Thursday I couldn't load up stuff in my van that needed to be loaded. Baby moose is eating my apple tree, so no apples for us next summer. Mom is grazing my hedge. To bad they can't eat the stuff that HEA wants mowed down. (there is hardly any snow in my front yard tonight).

Knitting: have knitted another complete set on the Sarah Blanche scarf. Sewing finished completely Kazul's Christmas Present. Yeah! Now so many more to do... Boo hoo... oh well some won't get done. That is part of life.

Work- I have been working 9 and 10 hr days for the last few days. Today was a short day, only 8 hrs. But what an 8 hrs. that was. Most of the day was quiet because of all the Halloween stuff going on. But tonight...... kind of quiet.. until.... a young lad decided to swim across the pool in my zone. He got 1/2 way across and went to active drowning. I leaped into the pool (with fanny pack and shoes on) and towed him to the side via the tube. After I was done showering and changing into another uniform (that Nige had to scrounge up for me). I heard the emergency buzzer go off again. When I got up front there was nobody- so I proceeded to head out onto the deck and saw Nige. He was dripping wet and holding his fanny pack. Yep he went in after the same kid. 30 minutes later found Amber w/the net fishing puke out of the pool. Yep... the poor kid threw up after all the water he drank on his previous incidents. So that was my day work- how was yours?

Anyway to "enable" you folks here are a couple of swaps/exchanges.
First a winter stitch marker swap- it sounds kind of interesting.
Second a Winter Wonderland coffee Swap- I don't do coffee so won't be participating in this one.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

And what is this?
Princess and Kazul no fair helping!

Knitting: Finished leg one of Bumpkins leggings.

The best cold/cough syrup is strong lemon tea, honey and a touch of rum. Tastes bad- but you don't cough as much. Some of the best remedies are the old ones.

I am off to work after posting/uploading image. DH swapped my tires over this am- yeah I have studs on my car now. Princess bought a car yesterday- a Mazda Protege. She is excited- yeah she has a car after not having one for several months.

Caillou today is visiting a yarn shop! With sheep, spinning wheel and lots of wool!

Strange stuff Tuesday: And because costumes are needed by Saturday- you can be some flying spagetti?

Monday, October 22, 2007

G is for... and Random Website Monday

Gloves: (ok so they are mittens)... for Bumpkins. I am having lots of trouble w/these things. As you can see the liner is bigger than the fleece and there isn't any room for a thumb. So to rip out the elastic and figure what the ........ to finish them. There was snow on the ground again this morning.

Grrrr........... Now look at this beautiful embroidery (the strings need to be cut). But what is wrong?

Well when you look at the end result...... either the butterflies are upside down or the bag. I am not ripping out 2 hrs. of work. Yes 2 hrs.... the end of Sesame Street, Caillou, Mr. Rogers and then the beginning of Barney. (No Bumpkins didn't watch all that tv- I had to scrub my floor tonight to get the choc. paint off of it.) I considered flipping the bag over and sewing up the top, but then the pockets would be upside down.

Friday was Girl's night out and while sitting around eating McDonald's, my friend mentioned that the treasures that they leave in geocaching were from Happy meals. We didn't go that night- as she has 2 little kids ages 6 mos and 2 yrs. It was after 8, because we went swimming first. And earlier in the day we all went to toddler time at the gym. What a busy day off.

And now for
Monday's Random Website: Another G..... it's a game that really seems like a lot of fun. You do need a GPS though. So is anyone up for an afternoon of GeoCaching?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday's Works in Progress

Well here are my works in Progress this week.

These 2 strange things are diapers for Doll babies. The larger one is supposed to fit a 16-18" Doll. Thankfully it fits the 15". The little one fits a 12" Doll. Each diaper was cut out of 2 pieces of flannel than serged together- they just need Velcro sewed on.

This is the first leg of Bumpkin's leggings, I have 2 more inches left to knit than I can read the directions again on what to do next. (Just hope that I remember how many I cast on in the first place!)

This last one is a bathrobe made for the 15" doll. Again using the 16-18" pattern. Just needs velcro fasteners and to be hemmed.

And one other project for Christmas, cut out and waiting for finishing touches. Can't say very much about it as the person reads this blog.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

I am too tired to wait for Blogger to upload pix tonight.

Knitting: A LOT! Finished frogging back Bumpkins leggings and knit several more rows (than tried to carry on conversations/play practical jokes and knit at the same time.) Note; that doesn't work. Ended up knitting the leg backwards (somehow went the wrong way! So now more frogging in store for it!). The sewing baby doll clothes fit! Just need to remember to take in more for seam allowance. Will have those done for Sunday's post.

Training last night was expensive! I was sitting on a guard tube and fell off backwards, causing water to go up my nose, through my sinuses and behind my eardrums. Needless to say I now have 2 ear infections. I tried to call DH to p/u my prescriptions but he had already left the house w/o cell phone. So no meds until tomorrow night and boy does my ear hurt. Now what Dr. releases a patient w/ear infections back in the water? Mine does- so I am cleared to continue to teach swim lessons. But both bosses said "DON'T GET YOUR HEAD WET!" So I am teaching lessons w/o putting my face in the water. I am not broken up about that at all- I hate water in my eyes. Water Aerobics class is growing: I had 7 ladies tonight! 3 that if there is a male guard won't come.

Strange Stuff Tuesday: And what is Halloween w/o Blood and some bruising? Perfect accompaniment for a ghoulish costume.

Weather: Snow mixed w/rain. Monday morning we had black ice.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Website Monday

No pictures today (don't think I have taken anything new lately- that is since the snow storm).

Knitting: Still frogging the leggings. Sewing: making something for Kazul, mittens for Bumpkins, and the jack-a-lope slippers. Also doll baby clothes for Bumpkins for Christmas.

Yep... I am in Christmas Creativity mode here. Almost full swing. I have less than 1/2 a month to finish much of what I want done. So there won't be any IOU's for Christmas this year. The panic has started to set in... there are less than 73 days to go.

Today has been spent w/government agencies. Complete w/paperwork. This morning took Bummpkins in for a well baby check up. And the public Health Nurse discovered that her hernia that she was born w/is back. So was strongly advised to take her to her pediatrician- great. After that visit we went to WIC and then Child care assistance. The Denali Kid care paperwork is almost all filled out and ready to go. Good news today- Bumpkins is back in the 25 th percentile for weight- she hasn't been there since she was 8 mos. old. At one time she even fell off of the weight chart.

So now I am off to some mindless stuff- actually better take a nap before I go to work. Hmmm... I wonder what it take for me to entice readers to my blog (contest coming in late January, when the doldrums of winter take affect.)

Random website Monday: So for the random website, how about this addicting game of Mahjong? The volcano blowing up when you win is kind of cool.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Weekend update

Pay it forward! I surfed across this quite some time ago- then my conscious got to me. So I did a lot of surfing to find someone who didn't have 3 people. And fond Jopal.

I will send a handmade gift to 3 random people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this Pay It Forward exchange. This isn't a huge gift, just a little something to lift your spirits. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do if you like, is in return pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

Athena wants to come out... but her days of being outside are done, until next summer. She will get sick- pneumonia sick if she goes outside now.

Cut out mittens for Bumpkins- hope to finish cutting them out today and sew them together tonight. Also almost finished with the baby doll robe - still needs ties. Want to cut out and sew 2 doll baby diapers for Bumpkins.

Today is rainy- wanted to go on one last bike ride for the season. But that isn't happening. Am very glad that the snow is almost gone. This is way to early in the year for the white stuff to stick around. Makes for a VERY long winter. Now have to scramble to get my tires swapped over to studs. (everyone else is swapping their tires over- mechanics won't be getting any time off this next few weeks!).

Dinner Pizza and salad. (worst part about being so lactose intolerant is not being able to eat Clam Chowder- not the red Manhattan so-called chowder, but the New England stuff).

Friday, October 12, 2007


This is what I came home to. We had a massive snowstorm while I was at work.

I saw this bug crawling across the snow.

Knitting: did frog 3 more rows on Bumpkins leggings while at work yesterday. Also cut out a bathrobe for her Christmas doll's wardrobe. I am hoping to sew it together tonight- then give it to DM to see if it will fit the doll. Don't want to make a huge wardrobe and then not have the stuff not fit.

I will be having a very short weekend. Basically Saturday is my only day off this week. I work Sunday 1-9, Monday night 6-9, and semi regular shift work starting Tuesday (3 9 and 10 hr days in a row!). I was so tired today- that I had a headache. Took a 10 min. snooze when I got home (as much snooze as I could w/Bumpkin's jumping on the bed, throwing books, giving me babies).

It has taken me almost 24 hrs. to write this post.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Late week catch up

Trying to post pics of what my yard looks like this am. Winter is definitely here. Pastor had to respond to an SOS pipe freezing call yesterday. And the zamboni guy at work is back- he wants to flood for ice. We have a probe that measures the ground temp. 6 inches down. Well that probe has to measure 20 degrees for a week before ice will hold.
DH just came home and said that this is a very heavy frost. Uh huh, frost has individual shapes? And Bumpkins doesn't like her snow boots- she says they hurt her feet. So to go shopping for snow boots. And am I ever thankful for my remote start- I can warm up my car from inside the house. Life is good sometimes.

I have no current Works in Progress - that is no progress made! I did cut out 2 patterns for Bumpkins, but every piece of material that I picked out was to small! And after measuring Bumpkins I discovered that she wears a 1/2. That is so small!

Last night at 2:30 Bumpkins woke up saying potty. So I took her, then at 3 again she said potty. I took her and asked if she had to go poop. She said no- but her voice was funny. Then she threw up all over me and the bathroom floor. YUCK! If I had turned a light on- I would have noticed what was going on. So no Daycare for her today. DH went to work at 7 and will be home by 11:30 so I can be at work at 12. Today is going to be a long day at work- I work until 9. And then tomorrow I have to be at work at 7 am.

update: there was snow this morning!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

No pics. today- as I have been heavy on them lately.

No knitting- did take it w/me to work. But didn't really have a break to knit. didn't do much on my break.... don't think that I really got one! No sewing either- found a really cute legging pattern that I had made for Princess. But can't make that one yet as it is size 4.

Long day at work. Today was the first day of fall swim lessons, so I taught at 1 and again at 4. Then tonight was the first night of water aerobics for the winter- which I taught also. Did I mention guarding also. Then we were short staffed again. So there were only 2 of us guards all night. Nige was finishing up the water work for life guarding class. So there were extra people in the water. I was goofing off w/a co-worker- rotated out onto deck eating a huge bite. Well Shae said no food. So I tried to quickly swallow it- and I went from joking to motioning her to come over quick! I almost choked! Scary. Luckily for me there were 7 people around trained in first aid.

God works in strange ways, tonight there was a lady in my water aerobic class that wore a housedress over her swim suit. And afterwards she asked about if there were female guards all the time. Because of what I read many weeks ago about hair coverings and modest dress. I knew where she was coming from. Even though I don't choose to dress that conservatively, I can still understand.

Weather: sunny and maybe got t0 the 40's. Tonight 27 and the stars are beautiful and clear. Might be a good night for the Northern Lights- I am not staying up for them though! I go to bed.

Strange stuff: And since we are this close to Halloween and need costumes...... How about this wig for starters.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Random Website Monday

The box for the machine:

my new sewing machine. Isn't it pretty?

In answer to all the questions about the remodel. That is going to be the new music studio. It was an apartment but now.... music. I have discovered how the mice/shrews kept getting in the apt. there was a crawl space not covered sufficiently. The wiring was scary- kind of makes me wonder what the rest of the house is like. Since some of the house wiring is still covered w/fabric stuff. 1950's. Retro is nice- but so is modern technology. No we aren't demolishing so Nana can't move in. We are demoing so the kids can't ask to live in the apt. No really it is for DH. And to get an idea at how big this studio is going to be. It started out as a nice sized 2 bedroom apt. Complete w/bathroom, washer/dryer, kitchen, dining area and living room.

I found my knitting. Now to finish Bumpkins leggings and move onto socks (my feet are freezing!) and DM needs socks for Christmas. Also we need mittens really bad! Like 3 weeks ago. So w/my wool do I make felted oven mitts or regular mittens? Must sew something also. Will go cut it out! Must work on cross stitch also. Also have paperwork to fill out. What to do? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.....

random website: This is really good for a laugh at any time.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

F is for:

Frozen yards. This is my lawn at 11 am and a mud puddle frozen over. Weather forecast has been for snow.
Fall leaves that are yellow and brown. We don't get the pretty red, orange or purple leaves usually up here. (those of you that do get those colors- save your leaves for next years KVVS).

Finished Princess' blanket using my new sewing machine.
zig zag stitched satin binding on material for blanket.

And finished this knitting bag- I embroidered it using my new machine. It is so cool to embroider and pick up toys all at the same time!
Details: cut pant legs off of jeans, made 2 embroideries. serged bottom closed. Cut lining out of neon pink stretch knit, serged sides and bottom. Zig zagged lining to inside of jeans. (broke 2 needles, 1 sewing machine and 1 serger.) Any guesses to how long I have carted these pants around?

Friends who call at the last minute to get together. Had 2 good friends call today. One was driving into Deadhorse and the other was a mom wondering if we could do a playdate today.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Work!

Knitting: nothing, I have misplaced all of my knitting! I did find my checkbook a few weeks ago- in my knitting bag. Go figure! I have been having fun w/my new sewing machine. Bumpkins can sleep through my sewing! It is so quiet. Hope to have pix. to post tomorrow.

Been busy working- this week I am scheduled for 40 hrs. Yikes! But next pay check will be nice- in 2 weeks I will be making what I usually make in a month. YES! So off to work later today. Creative Childcare again, I go to work at 12:30, DH goes in to work at 6:00, DM gets off of work at 5:30. So when DM gets off of work she will come here and p/u Bumpkins and take her out north. I will pick her up after 10 when I get off of work. Bumpkins has been going to bed around 8, so this should be very interesting.

Last night was a women's church gathering. I gave away the peach prayer shawl- The lady loved it! Her favorite color is peach and when she put it on, her skin looked tan! So much fun last night- got home around 12:30 pm. I left home after putting Bumpkins to bed, DH fell asleep w/ her. Well she woke up and went looking for me. DH woke up and didn't know where she was, he found her upstairs crying and saying "mommy gone!". DH did get her back to bed and to sleep somehow.

Well off to sewing before going to work.

Last nights dinner: Bratwurst (simmered in beer) potato salad, cabbage and soft pretzels

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday's Works in Progress

This is Princess at 9 mos. (will this pic work better? You already had red hair by then!)

See last week's post. Nothing more has been done. Well except on the material blanket for Princess- that has seam binding on about 2 ft. I should be picking up my new sewing machine tomorrow! So I can play with it- as I won't be home Friday night and definitely don't want to wait until Saturday!
I have been working 10 hr days out at the pool. Leaving the house by 6:30 am and getting home after 5:30 pm. Bumpins went down around 8 pm tonight. But all I want to do is sit in bed w/her and read blogs and play mahjong. My 20 hr a week job this week is 30! I could call in sick the rest of the week and not use up sick leave hrs. Sad thing is that there aren't any guards to call in.

God's Hand is all over this Hawaii thing. I was talking to a water therapist today (she is a retired english teacher). And when I told her about possibly moving to Hawaii in 3 yrs. She said go to the Big Island- Well that is the Island that DH and I are seriously considering. Then I told her what I was looking for and that the 2 areas that I really liked are Waimea and Mt. View, she told me that I have been doing my research and that is exactly the right areas for my needs. Waimea- for horses and closer to the resort hotels (pools where Aquatic Directors are utilized). Then she said that she did her therapist training on the Big Island. And then this is the total God thing- she told me that she has property w/a hole dug in it for an aquatic therapy pool (there aren't any on the Big Island) and if she does open the facility that I will have a job. And where does she have this hole dug? Ocean View about 45 min from Mt. View. So is this all luck/ coincidence or does God really have his hand on all of us? (2 separate families) you tell me.....

Well I am off to find something simple to cut out for my new machine tomorrow.... and what is this machine..... it is a Scandinavia 300. Should last a very long time! Yes DM you can use the embroidery if you need to.

Also trivia- today is the 50th anniversary of the launching of Sputnik

Weather: Cold this am 29 degrees. this afternoon 40's and sunny (beautiful 1/2 harvest moon last night!)

Dinner: pizza

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

And this is the Baby pic that Princess wanted. The stuff we put our kids in 18 yrs ago. This was taken the day after she was born. (babies do get banged up a bit being born- wonder where that blanket is?)

Knitting: nothing, sewing nothing, cross stitch nada. Did find out that my machine is toast. It is 20 yrs. old and had a hard life. The store will take $10 off for cannibalizing. The parts for those machines are getting hard to find. So DH said w/dividends that I could get a new machine.... so I now have one on layaway. And since the last one lasted 18 plus yrs. this one should be of the same quality (major investment).

I know Princess needs a new car, more than I need a new machine. And I probably shouldn't get it- so PLEASE no guilt trips. I am already on one.

Shut down out at the pool is over. We re-opened today, and not when we were supposed to either. We were scheduled to open at 7 but had green water so we held off until noon. In the mean time, I went through inventory stuff and tossed a lot of nasty old stuff away. Tomorrow I shall do more! Also freaked my boss out (her words- not mine!). I was working on water aerobic routines while standing at the front counter. She was watching me through the window while I was physically doing some of the stuff. Like high can can kick, and the straight leg out front march. (she missed the mogul jumping and the washing machine!) Later a patron commented on the fact that I must have a twin- cause I was just out on deck. My boss's reply was "we don't want a twin of her!" Then another person doing work on the computer system was encouraged to stay away from me. (He was sitting in a small room w/o windows all morning bouncing a small ball while waiting for the computers to talk to each other).

It is 7:50 and Bumpkins is sleeping and no one else is home. What shall I do? Sort laundry and KNIT!

Tuesday's strange stuff: And since most of us are making Christmas presents and finding interesting (haven't given her that yet) ideas are difficult... How about some HotPants? Yes the teens/college girls will wear them.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Random Website Monday

Sorry no pix today.
Knitting: knitted back 3 rows on bumpkins leggings. I really ought to run a lifeline and then frog back to that (as there is about 10 rows to frog). What do you guys think of this cardigan pattern for Bumpkins? Will it go with this tank top? Now to find camo yarn for my secret sister (I am thinking a hooded sweater made out of the stuff. I have until the beginning of January to finish that one.) am I being over ambitious or what?

Bumpkin's and Thing 2 are sick today. Thing 2 says he was exposed to mono (he took a soda from another kid and drank it. Idiot.)

Princess wants a baby pix e-mailed to her.

Off to knitting- my last time for a long while. Next week my schedule goes all crazy- so no more knitting on Mondays.

Random website: How Geographically challenged are you? And yes spelling does count!