Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday's Works in Progress

This is Princess at 9 mos. (will this pic work better? You already had red hair by then!)

See last week's post. Nothing more has been done. Well except on the material blanket for Princess- that has seam binding on about 2 ft. I should be picking up my new sewing machine tomorrow! So I can play with it- as I won't be home Friday night and definitely don't want to wait until Saturday!
I have been working 10 hr days out at the pool. Leaving the house by 6:30 am and getting home after 5:30 pm. Bumpins went down around 8 pm tonight. But all I want to do is sit in bed w/her and read blogs and play mahjong. My 20 hr a week job this week is 30! I could call in sick the rest of the week and not use up sick leave hrs. Sad thing is that there aren't any guards to call in.

God's Hand is all over this Hawaii thing. I was talking to a water therapist today (she is a retired english teacher). And when I told her about possibly moving to Hawaii in 3 yrs. She said go to the Big Island- Well that is the Island that DH and I are seriously considering. Then I told her what I was looking for and that the 2 areas that I really liked are Waimea and Mt. View, she told me that I have been doing my research and that is exactly the right areas for my needs. Waimea- for horses and closer to the resort hotels (pools where Aquatic Directors are utilized). Then she said that she did her therapist training on the Big Island. And then this is the total God thing- she told me that she has property w/a hole dug in it for an aquatic therapy pool (there aren't any on the Big Island) and if she does open the facility that I will have a job. And where does she have this hole dug? Ocean View about 45 min from Mt. View. So is this all luck/ coincidence or does God really have his hand on all of us? (2 separate families) you tell me.....

Well I am off to find something simple to cut out for my new machine tomorrow.... and what is this machine..... it is a Scandinavia 300. Should last a very long time! Yes DM you can use the embroidery if you need to.

Also trivia- today is the 50th anniversary of the launching of Sputnik

Weather: Cold this am 29 degrees. this afternoon 40's and sunny (beautiful 1/2 harvest moon last night!)

Dinner: pizza


Lynn said...

Interesting stuff on Hawaii. and I think its funny how you;ll be going from one extreme to another!! BTW its 87 here but it feels like 97.

Fiber Chic said...

Princess looks so cute!
I hope everything works out for you in your plans to move...

Andreanalaska said...

Gah, I was soooooo fat! No more baby pictures.