Monday, October 1, 2007

Random Website Monday

Sorry no pix today.
Knitting: knitted back 3 rows on bumpkins leggings. I really ought to run a lifeline and then frog back to that (as there is about 10 rows to frog). What do you guys think of this cardigan pattern for Bumpkins? Will it go with this tank top? Now to find camo yarn for my secret sister (I am thinking a hooded sweater made out of the stuff. I have until the beginning of January to finish that one.) am I being over ambitious or what?

Bumpkin's and Thing 2 are sick today. Thing 2 says he was exposed to mono (he took a soda from another kid and drank it. Idiot.)

Princess wants a baby pix e-mailed to her.

Off to knitting- my last time for a long while. Next week my schedule goes all crazy- so no more knitting on Mondays.

Random website: How Geographically challenged are you? And yes spelling does count!

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Lynn said...

Ok the fact that I didn't even understand the first question tells me I'm geographically challenged!!! LOL