Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

Knitting: Cast on (actually figured out how many to cast on!) for Bumpkin's leggings. I kind of didn't write down how many I cast on and how many I ribbed for the first leg so making the second was kind of challenging. Have 3 rows done on that- a couple of more and the ribbing is done. Then onto the semi-mindless knitting of rows w/random increases. And since I wrote nothing down- this will be very exciting indeed. First serious project lessons. ALWAYS write down what you did- all projects will take longer.

Work- another long week has begun. But I see a brief glimmer of light- next week I am not supposed to be working the weekend! Yeah! Saturday's incident was discussed over and over again today. Policy was discussed- and yes if child's parents are not available, we are supposed to restrict said child from the water. Especially when Nige went to get him, the lad said "I wasn't drowning, if I was drowning I would have called out for help". UH huh.... not.

So family news.... Thing Two got a letter in football. Now he wants a letter jacket. Always something. Bumpkins' slept from 7 ish last night until just after 10 this am (she woke up but kept going back to sleep.... wonder if it is all the meds in my system that are making her sleep).

Strange stuff Tuesday: What to do? another Halloween item or Christmas... neither how about something somewhat edible. And for all of you knitters out there w/cats the appropriate cake for a party. Warning.... Not to be consumed by the faint of heart.