Sunday, October 28, 2007

H is for......

Husband.... I had a picture but deleted it off of the camera before downloading it. Duh..

Honey.... you forgot to tarp off when finishing the entry way. (Yep... that is sawdust on my dining room table).

H.. is for howling. Athena wants to kick this cat's bum. It keeps coming around at night. And I am tired of cat fights at 12:30 at night. (sorry for the blurry pic- but trying to snap fast, while getting scratched up, and flash doesn't work through the window!)

Knitting: nothing. sewing nothing. Am so sick- anther head cold. The water chemistry is off, so I get sick more often.

Did make fudge and this strange but fast snack. Let me know if you make it and how it turned out.

Random website: And somethings are discriminating and just wrong. Polydactyl cats of the world unite! uh huh... like I am going to use them anyways. NOT!

dinner: stir fry

Weather: 39 cloudy and the snow is melted! YEAH!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

I've seen the nail cover before. I just can't imagine trying to get them on a cat!!

And while I've never done the puddng on the brownie, I HAVE done it with chocolate pudding on vanilla cake. YUMMY!