Monday, October 15, 2007

Random Website Monday

No pictures today (don't think I have taken anything new lately- that is since the snow storm).

Knitting: Still frogging the leggings. Sewing: making something for Kazul, mittens for Bumpkins, and the jack-a-lope slippers. Also doll baby clothes for Bumpkins for Christmas.

Yep... I am in Christmas Creativity mode here. Almost full swing. I have less than 1/2 a month to finish much of what I want done. So there won't be any IOU's for Christmas this year. The panic has started to set in... there are less than 73 days to go.

Today has been spent w/government agencies. Complete w/paperwork. This morning took Bummpkins in for a well baby check up. And the public Health Nurse discovered that her hernia that she was born w/is back. So was strongly advised to take her to her pediatrician- great. After that visit we went to WIC and then Child care assistance. The Denali Kid care paperwork is almost all filled out and ready to go. Good news today- Bumpkins is back in the 25 th percentile for weight- she hasn't been there since she was 8 mos. old. At one time she even fell off of the weight chart.

So now I am off to some mindless stuff- actually better take a nap before I go to work. Hmmm... I wonder what it take for me to entice readers to my blog (contest coming in late January, when the doldrums of winter take affect.)

Random website Monday: So for the random website, how about this addicting game of Mahjong? The volcano blowing up when you win is kind of cool.


knitalittle said...

You found me I'm here. I know it is hard when you think no one is tapping on your blog.
I see your in the Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters almanac. I love the book I'm working on the center out square baby blanket for a friend. Love it love it. I'LL BE BACK.

Fiber Chic said...

Hmmm-interesting random website. I've played regular Mahjong, but never solitare. Will have to look into that....
I'm here, sorry I haven't commented in a while-I am checking, though!