Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Knitting: Umm... well I took it in the car w/us. But did no car knitting. Did see the cutest leggings at work today- much incentive to finish up Bumpkins. Also a little bird whispered in my ear tonight that my Secred Sistah wants a scarf! So onto looking at scarf patterns. And that is where I am so thankful for Ravelry (you can put the patterns in a queue instead of having a ton of bookmarks). And when you switch computers or log ins.. there they are. Also if computer crashes you don't lose everything.

Took Bumpkins trick or treating. It was a nice night 40 degrees. And we only went to the churches "Truth time machine", it got late and Bumpkins was tired. So a dinner of Happy Meal chicken nuggets, french fries, and apple dippers. Yumm. I took the camera but forgot to take any pix. BAD MOMMY!

Families are so intertwined around here. A mentor of mine has a daughter that I used to babysit, and now the daughter has a son in swim lessons. (Small town?) Well she is pregnant with her 3rd baby- after saying stay away from me. I gave her a hug. Then I read Lynn's blog and she is pregnant too. I AM NOT!

Well off to browse patterns.... and to eat some fudge? Nah to lazy to go upstairs to get the stuff.

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