Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

No pics. today- as I have been heavy on them lately.

No knitting- did take it w/me to work. But didn't really have a break to knit. didn't do much on my break.... don't think that I really got one! No sewing either- found a really cute legging pattern that I had made for Princess. But can't make that one yet as it is size 4.

Long day at work. Today was the first day of fall swim lessons, so I taught at 1 and again at 4. Then tonight was the first night of water aerobics for the winter- which I taught also. Did I mention guarding also. Then we were short staffed again. So there were only 2 of us guards all night. Nige was finishing up the water work for life guarding class. So there were extra people in the water. I was goofing off w/a co-worker- rotated out onto deck eating a huge bite. Well Shae said no food. So I tried to quickly swallow it- and I went from joking to motioning her to come over quick! I almost choked! Scary. Luckily for me there were 7 people around trained in first aid.

God works in strange ways, tonight there was a lady in my water aerobic class that wore a housedress over her swim suit. And afterwards she asked about if there were female guards all the time. Because of what I read many weeks ago about hair coverings and modest dress. I knew where she was coming from. Even though I don't choose to dress that conservatively, I can still understand.

Weather: sunny and maybe got t0 the 40's. Tonight 27 and the stars are beautiful and clear. Might be a good night for the Northern Lights- I am not staying up for them though! I go to bed.

Strange stuff: And since we are this close to Halloween and need costumes...... How about this wig for starters.

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Fiber Chic said...

Glad you're OK from your choaking experience...that wig sure looks fun! Probably warm for your ears, too!