Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

And this is the Baby pic that Princess wanted. The stuff we put our kids in 18 yrs ago. This was taken the day after she was born. (babies do get banged up a bit being born- wonder where that blanket is?)

Knitting: nothing, sewing nothing, cross stitch nada. Did find out that my machine is toast. It is 20 yrs. old and had a hard life. The store will take $10 off for cannibalizing. The parts for those machines are getting hard to find. So DH said w/dividends that I could get a new machine.... so I now have one on layaway. And since the last one lasted 18 plus yrs. this one should be of the same quality (major investment).

I know Princess needs a new car, more than I need a new machine. And I probably shouldn't get it- so PLEASE no guilt trips. I am already on one.

Shut down out at the pool is over. We re-opened today, and not when we were supposed to either. We were scheduled to open at 7 but had green water so we held off until noon. In the mean time, I went through inventory stuff and tossed a lot of nasty old stuff away. Tomorrow I shall do more! Also freaked my boss out (her words- not mine!). I was working on water aerobic routines while standing at the front counter. She was watching me through the window while I was physically doing some of the stuff. Like high can can kick, and the straight leg out front march. (she missed the mogul jumping and the washing machine!) Later a patron commented on the fact that I must have a twin- cause I was just out on deck. My boss's reply was "we don't want a twin of her!" Then another person doing work on the computer system was encouraged to stay away from me. (He was sitting in a small room w/o windows all morning bouncing a small ball while waiting for the computers to talk to each other).

It is 7:50 and Bumpkins is sleeping and no one else is home. What shall I do? Sort laundry and KNIT!

Tuesday's strange stuff: And since most of us are making Christmas presents and finding interesting (haven't given her that yet) ideas are difficult... How about some HotPants? Yes the teens/college girls will wear them.


Lynn said...

Ok princess is adorable!!! And yes they sure do go thru alot before they come out. So do we! And dont feel guilty abt getting another sewing machine. You do plenty for Princess, you gotta do a little for yourself. And what car will last 18 years?!!?

And OMG those hot pants!!! I'm speechless.....

Andreanalaska said...

ABUSE ABUSE!!! Seriously I remember that picture being a whole heck of a lot cuter and not so abused. Mostly I wanted it cause there are only two girls with red hair and if Sara doesn't show up then it is a dead give away if my pic is the only one with red hair.