Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Work!

Knitting: nothing, I have misplaced all of my knitting! I did find my checkbook a few weeks ago- in my knitting bag. Go figure! I have been having fun w/my new sewing machine. Bumpkins can sleep through my sewing! It is so quiet. Hope to have pix. to post tomorrow.

Been busy working- this week I am scheduled for 40 hrs. Yikes! But next pay check will be nice- in 2 weeks I will be making what I usually make in a month. YES! So off to work later today. Creative Childcare again, I go to work at 12:30, DH goes in to work at 6:00, DM gets off of work at 5:30. So when DM gets off of work she will come here and p/u Bumpkins and take her out north. I will pick her up after 10 when I get off of work. Bumpkins has been going to bed around 8, so this should be very interesting.

Last night was a women's church gathering. I gave away the peach prayer shawl- The lady loved it! Her favorite color is peach and when she put it on, her skin looked tan! So much fun last night- got home around 12:30 pm. I left home after putting Bumpkins to bed, DH fell asleep w/ her. Well she woke up and went looking for me. DH woke up and didn't know where she was, he found her upstairs crying and saying "mommy gone!". DH did get her back to bed and to sleep somehow.

Well off to sewing before going to work.

Last nights dinner: Bratwurst (simmered in beer) potato salad, cabbage and soft pretzels


Fiber Chic said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your church gathering! Bumpkins obviously enjoys your company and misses you when you're gone. I hope you find your knitting.....

Lynn said...

Oh that shawl is gorgeous!! And isnt it amazing how those kids will go in search of you even if dad is right next to them?!?! Have fun at work, and YEAH to the big paycheck!!