Friday, October 12, 2007


This is what I came home to. We had a massive snowstorm while I was at work.

I saw this bug crawling across the snow.

Knitting: did frog 3 more rows on Bumpkins leggings while at work yesterday. Also cut out a bathrobe for her Christmas doll's wardrobe. I am hoping to sew it together tonight- then give it to DM to see if it will fit the doll. Don't want to make a huge wardrobe and then not have the stuff not fit.

I will be having a very short weekend. Basically Saturday is my only day off this week. I work Sunday 1-9, Monday night 6-9, and semi regular shift work starting Tuesday (3 9 and 10 hr days in a row!). I was so tired today- that I had a headache. Took a 10 min. snooze when I got home (as much snooze as I could w/Bumpkin's jumping on the bed, throwing books, giving me babies).

It has taken me almost 24 hrs. to write this post.


Lynn said...

Unbelievable!!! But it is Oct so I guess it's supposed to snow in some parts of the world!! Glad its not mine!! LOL on the bug crossing the snow. and poor thing, I hope you get some sleep soon. I hate being so tired that it makes you sick. I was like that last night.
You gotta wonder how women live so long when we give so much of us thruout our lives....

Andreanalaska said...

tehe, No snow up here yet, it did for a few min last week. I lit a bug on fire this morning.