Thursday, October 11, 2007

Late week catch up

Trying to post pics of what my yard looks like this am. Winter is definitely here. Pastor had to respond to an SOS pipe freezing call yesterday. And the zamboni guy at work is back- he wants to flood for ice. We have a probe that measures the ground temp. 6 inches down. Well that probe has to measure 20 degrees for a week before ice will hold.
DH just came home and said that this is a very heavy frost. Uh huh, frost has individual shapes? And Bumpkins doesn't like her snow boots- she says they hurt her feet. So to go shopping for snow boots. And am I ever thankful for my remote start- I can warm up my car from inside the house. Life is good sometimes.

I have no current Works in Progress - that is no progress made! I did cut out 2 patterns for Bumpkins, but every piece of material that I picked out was to small! And after measuring Bumpkins I discovered that she wears a 1/2. That is so small!

Last night at 2:30 Bumpkins woke up saying potty. So I took her, then at 3 again she said potty. I took her and asked if she had to go poop. She said no- but her voice was funny. Then she threw up all over me and the bathroom floor. YUCK! If I had turned a light on- I would have noticed what was going on. So no Daycare for her today. DH went to work at 7 and will be home by 11:30 so I can be at work at 12. Today is going to be a long day at work- I work until 9. And then tomorrow I have to be at work at 7 am.

update: there was snow this morning!


Fiber Chic said...

I hope Bumpkins feels better soon!

Lynn said...

Oh you poor things!! I always hate when they throw up, they never seem to understand what their body is doing to them.

And wow you ARE getting cold!!! I'm just thrilled that we are getting a *cold* front and that we will have a high of only 85! LOL BUT we will have lows in the 60s at night which is a nice change from the mid 70s....

Kazul said...

Well, it is colder here, too. The leaves are BEAUTIFUL! I noticed today there were even more trees colored than there were yesterday. However, no termination dust! We were supposed to get some last week, but didn't. Hopefully, S brings down my scanner so I can post some pix of J's deer!