Sunday, October 7, 2007

F is for:

Frozen yards. This is my lawn at 11 am and a mud puddle frozen over. Weather forecast has been for snow.
Fall leaves that are yellow and brown. We don't get the pretty red, orange or purple leaves usually up here. (those of you that do get those colors- save your leaves for next years KVVS).

Finished Princess' blanket using my new sewing machine.
zig zag stitched satin binding on material for blanket.

And finished this knitting bag- I embroidered it using my new machine. It is so cool to embroider and pick up toys all at the same time!
Details: cut pant legs off of jeans, made 2 embroideries. serged bottom closed. Cut lining out of neon pink stretch knit, serged sides and bottom. Zig zagged lining to inside of jeans. (broke 2 needles, 1 sewing machine and 1 serger.) Any guesses to how long I have carted these pants around?

Friends who call at the last minute to get together. Had 2 good friends call today. One was driving into Deadhorse and the other was a mom wondering if we could do a playdate today.


Andreanalaska said...

OMG. Finally that blanket is done. When will it make it's way up here? :)

Lynn said...

Great finished projects!! You've been busy!!