Saturday, October 27, 2007

TGIF? oh it's Saturday.....

I am not going to apologize for not blogging lately. Nicole found this wonderful blog... with an awesome freeing idea called ........ Blogging w/o Obligation. So even though I do the ABC's, Random Web site, Strange stuff and WIPS..... it is ok to not do them sometimes.

So onto what made me late for work 2 days in a row. Thursday, I was late because these 2 creatures were in my yard (and I do not go out w/them). And Friday, I was late because on Thursday I couldn't load up stuff in my van that needed to be loaded. Baby moose is eating my apple tree, so no apples for us next summer. Mom is grazing my hedge. To bad they can't eat the stuff that HEA wants mowed down. (there is hardly any snow in my front yard tonight).

Knitting: have knitted another complete set on the Sarah Blanche scarf. Sewing finished completely Kazul's Christmas Present. Yeah! Now so many more to do... Boo hoo... oh well some won't get done. That is part of life.

Work- I have been working 9 and 10 hr days for the last few days. Today was a short day, only 8 hrs. But what an 8 hrs. that was. Most of the day was quiet because of all the Halloween stuff going on. But tonight...... kind of quiet.. until.... a young lad decided to swim across the pool in my zone. He got 1/2 way across and went to active drowning. I leaped into the pool (with fanny pack and shoes on) and towed him to the side via the tube. After I was done showering and changing into another uniform (that Nige had to scrounge up for me). I heard the emergency buzzer go off again. When I got up front there was nobody- so I proceeded to head out onto the deck and saw Nige. He was dripping wet and holding his fanny pack. Yep he went in after the same kid. 30 minutes later found Amber w/the net fishing puke out of the pool. Yep... the poor kid threw up after all the water he drank on his previous incidents. So that was my day work- how was yours?

Anyway to "enable" you folks here are a couple of swaps/exchanges.
First a winter stitch marker swap- it sounds kind of interesting.
Second a Winter Wonderland coffee Swap- I don't do coffee so won't be participating in this one.


Lynn said...

Ok, two questions:
1. Why would the kid keep going back into the pool if he was a drowning risk?? IS it the metality of get back on the horse??

2. Why wont you go outside when the moose are there?

Heide said...

Holy moly, it looks like Christmas already up where you are! I've always wanted to visit Alaska, it looks so beautiful and wild. Love the moose pictures.

Fiber Chic said...

"Walking in a winter wonderland..."
looks like you have winter in full force!
What does one say when one is amazed about another saving a kid's life? Congratulations? Good job? You get them all!

Andreanalaska said...

I have green grass in my yard again. I is so freaking cold especially while running down the sidewalk to stuff meter. I want a pea coat, they look so nice with a suit and are warm, kinda spendy, I couldn't find one that fit last year. So u can sponsor a shopping trip for one this year if u want.