Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesdays strange stuff

And what is this?
Princess and Kazul no fair helping!

Knitting: Finished leg one of Bumpkins leggings.

The best cold/cough syrup is strong lemon tea, honey and a touch of rum. Tastes bad- but you don't cough as much. Some of the best remedies are the old ones.

I am off to work after posting/uploading image. DH swapped my tires over this am- yeah I have studs on my car now. Princess bought a car yesterday- a Mazda Protege. She is excited- yeah she has a car after not having one for several months.

Caillou today is visiting a yarn shop! With sheep, spinning wheel and lots of wool!

Strange stuff Tuesday: And because costumes are needed by Saturday- you can be some flying spagetti?


Kazul said...

Nah, remember this recipe I found that no one wanted to try using a layer of slugs and a layer of sugar for several layers? Considered an excellant coff syrup with a bit of flavoring! (EWWWWW)
By the by, the picture is of snow, right?

Lynn said...

I can't believe you have snow already, but it is Oct and it is Alaska.

AND I think I'll pass on the spaghetti!!

Fiber Chic said...

Wow! Snow? Sweet...
Yum-flying spagetti!

Andreanalaska said...

U still have that rabbit cage?!
I will be getting studs this weekend, after 2 close calls today of nearly getting into an accident as my car slides uncontrollably to the right. I hate snow, I hate Alaska, I hate the cold wet yuck and running down a ice covered side walk trying to get to your car before the meter runs out and get a ticket. And it isn't really snowing, more slushing. I'll post pictures of my new baby. I bought a steering wheel cover for her that the boy is going to put on tonight. TTYL