Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Website Monday

Bumpkin's now knows that,
Birdies say "chickadeee".
A black capped chickadee at the bird feeder.
(Note: that some of the dirt in our drive is visible!)You know that you have been blogging to much...
When your child makes a camera out of blocks.

Here is a better shot of her camera.
(She is taking a picture of ME!)
Knitting: went to Knitting tonight, was only gone about an hour. Good to get out and just relax. Need to knit another 1.5 inches on Bumpkins cardigan than I can start the sleeves. It is being made a size 2 in width but a 4 in length.

When I brought Bumpkins down to bed, there was an odoriferous smell emanating from somewhere in the room. After much searching (Athena has a history of placing dead rodents under the beds), the conclusion was made that the smell was the coming from the sink drain. Easy fix- pour water down the drain and the smell vanishes.

Random website:
I found this site while looking for free sewing patterns. Vogue 1947-1957.. be sure to check out the shoes from the exhibition.

Remember April's First is April Fools day... what mischief are you planning? me none.. I think ;)

Weather: warm and in the high 30's F.


Kazul said...

Wow, you have been a busy bee. Me, spring break is over, life is boring again. S started his job and we have T's new address. I made a yummy looking dessert from a cookie mix and chocolate chips and Christmas m&ms.

Lynn said...

I love the styles from the late 40s/early 50s. SO elegant!! And I've had a picture taken of me with mega blox too!! Gotta love what they are growing up with. Me? I made bridges and houses.