Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesdays strange stuff

Another shot of the mountains, this one is taken somewhere in Turnigan Arm. (possibly near Portage Glacier).
Knitting: nothing today. I did take it to work- but never had time to knit.

Worked 10.25 hours today. Supervisor again, this time got to shadow someone. Something way cool happened tonight at work. A supervisor that used to work at the pool came to the pool tonight with her son. That was so awesome. Couldn't chat much because of work and all.

Water Aerobics is going great. The level has been stepped up about 5 notches (very intense) and the music is working out great. 13 ladies braved the icy roads to be tortured- 2 of them are newcomers. The down side of supervising and teaching is that I had to get someone else to guard and have my designated water aerobic guard teach water aerobics while I dealt w/a situation. But I knew that my guard could do it.

And the monthly weigh in:
  • 137 lbs. (up 8 lbs. since I started my monthly weigh ins)
  • Thigh 23
  • Bum 39
  • Waist 32
  • bosom 38
Differences are that in 2 weeks....I added .5 inches to thighs, bum and bosom stayed same, waist lost .5 inches. The month differences are thighs stayed same, bum gained .5 inches, bosom lost 1 inch, and waist lost 2.5 inches.

Strange Stuff: I appear to be on some kind of science kick.. because this kind of stuff keeps popping up. Something else for your geeky biology teacher and this is knitted? Warning do not open link while drinking or sitting quietly in your local library/ while kids are sleeping.

Rainy, icy and warm.

ETA: the fuzzy fun fur object from last week.. was a finger puppet. Was supposed to be a bear- but wound up being a tribble.

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Frieda said...

Old supervisor with her son? Diane? Carri?