Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Sky

Today's sky- anther gray day.
(had to put a tree in it so it didn't look
like a piece of paper)

What is hanging out in your backyard?
Thankfully these guys were in someone else's yard!
(if you guessed Bald Eagles- you were correct).

Do you remember the big snowbank?
This is how much it has melted.
A boring shot of the swing set today...
Bumpkins did try to play on it...
but she doesn't like how the snow feels.

This the snow on Easter:
(first visit to the swingset all winter)
And very difficult to swing
really had to raise your legs
to even swing.

Yes hard enough to walk on.

Knitting: Worked on many things this last week. Have only 18 inches more to go on DH's scarf (my goal is to knit an inch a day!) frogged back DM's sock so now it is ready for the turning of the heel. And lastly knit another 4 rows on Bumpkin's cardigan.

Work: been very busy, Wednesday through Friday was 7- 5 shift. DH has been working too, midnight to 8 am. That meant Bumpkins had to get up at 6 am to go to daycare- long days for her. But she did really good, even took some naps there (she usually doesn't nap). Thursday night was a long night for me (for some unknown reason I am having nightmares again. This time 4 of them in a 5 hr period. All the dreams/nightmares were similar, little kids drowning).

So no new movies have been watched, nor books read. Did check out the "History of the Snowman" and another "Saxons, Vikings and Celts" should be some interesting reading.

Made Frito pie in the crockpot. Turned out different- things to do differently: after skinning chicken only add 1 c water to mixture. (Oh yeah.. I used a whole chicken instead of beef). Also made little pocket sandwiches out of the leftover shredded pork- delish.


Fiber Chic said...

Wow! You can barely see the bald eagle's heads against the sky--that looks rather dreary. At least you have your colorful yarn to keep you company.

Lynn said...

LOVE the eagles! We have quite a few out this way with pockets of nat'l protected land to keep them safe.

thanks for the trees against the sky, it gave more of an effect.

the boogeyman's wife said...

gotta love how the snow compacts into ice crystals before it actually melts. doesn't make for good playing snow :(