Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekly yard picture

Swing set
picture taken Thursday morning. (red blur is a truck going by).

I have gotten some guesses already. And am thinking that there will still be snow somewheres in my yard on the date of some guesses.

Got up this morning to a cold quiet house... hmmm... what time is it? The clock wasn't lit up- first thing I did was check to see if it was still plugged in. Yep. The power was out. So I went back to sleep. DH woke up and I told him power was out. So after he went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet and let the water run. I was saying "the power is out and w/o power we don't have water." He replied "we have a huge pressure tank full of water!" then later we went upstairs and Thing 2 was filling the coffee pot w/water. Remember we still have no power. That was good for a laugh. Water was heated on the gas stove for coffee. After contacting the local power facility (HEA) we learned that a transformer was out and everyone on our road was w/0 power. Power was restored before 9:00 am. In the meantime, I went back to bed.. it was warm there! And contemplated going on the internet. Hey I have a laptop that runs on batts.. oh yeah the internet connection is electric. So no internet.

Weather: cloudy and temps are 33 F (maybe more melting today). Everything is so icy and slick. There was a call at work about the ice rink and do we have ice. My reply was well there is ice in the parking lots. There won't be ice on the non-refrigerated rinks for long.


Kalar said...
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Jane said...

Funny, our power was out Saturday morning too. I see there is still plenty of snow by your swingset. We actually have bare ground this morning after torrential rains Friday and Saturday. I won't get my hopes up though as I'm sure winter is not through with us yet and the white stuff will be back!