Sunday, March 9, 2008

X is for...

X is for: Extra special.. this is what I received in a Pots and Tops swap over in Ravelry. A calorimetry and a coif. Both knitted in Araucania Nature Cotton. She also sent a Seafood Gumbo recipe w/notations that looks really good. All this came from Redwood City California. Thank you PalomaBella.

X is for: extra squished! (It is a VERY large stuffed dog on top of Athena- she escaped right after I took this picture).

X is for:
x is for x-ray vision... you can't see me "I hiding!"

Finally finished!
Easy Mittens
Knitted w US size 5 dpns
Jiffy mohair bulky yarn
Started Feb 2008 finished March 9 2008
Very easy knit- when focused. Grafting is needed for the top and thumb openings.

Weather today: mid 40's lots of melting!

Dinner: was leftover picnic ham cubed w/cooked apples mixed w/leftover peas/carrots and topped w/mashed potatoes. Gravy went over the top (was supposed to go in it).
Saturday's Dinner: Picnic shoulder ham, 2 chopped apples and 1 c water in crockpot for 7 hrs. Served w/ rice (leftover) and carrots/peas.

Only 3 people have left entries for the contest!

ETA: Sorry folks but I had to go to more secure access- there was some weird/bad stuff happening.

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Kazul said...

Hey!!! Those are MY mittens! I have them in my shoulder bag right now. You grafted the photo of my mittens and placed them in this one!!