Thursday, March 20, 2008


A when will the snow be gone contest!
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Now how to run this contest... one thought was to take pictures of my yard and have people guess what snow pile would melt first and when. Second thought was to post yard pictures and have guesses as to when the snow piles would be gone (completely).
Finally I decided that the contest would be when will the snow be completely gone. (The little corner of the house that still has snow long after all the rest of snow has melted doesn't count.)

And now for the rules:
  1. Post a comment with your guess as to when all the snow will melt.
  2. Please include a way for me to contact you. (If you don't want your e-mail addie public than you can e-mail me separately).
  3. The winner will be whomever is closest to the actual snow free day (no snow in yard around swing set!)
  4. I will be posting weekly pictures of the swing set to assist you in your guesses.
  5. Contest closes... March 20 2008.

Happy Guessing everyone.. this contest is open to everyone (including those bloggers/readers who are familiar with Alaskan Springtime).

*hint sometime in May wouldn't be a bad guess. March would though.

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Kazul said...

LOLOL, March 20??? No where close to having the snow gone! And your contest will be over??? Ah well, I am betting April 23ish. Maybe the 27th.

Jane said...

I'll go for Mother's Day, May 11. (Are you sure that snow will ever melt?)

Jane said...
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Lynn said...

UMMMMMM, I say by Memorial Day.

KaKi said...

I will say May 1. I wish we had seen a tiny bit of that snow. Not your amount, but a little at least. It is beautiful here. Temps in the 60's.

Andreanalaska said...
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Sisterly Knits said...

May 25. =)

the boogeyman's wife said...

i'm going for may 5. we went to ninilchik 2 years ago the first weekend in may and there was still snow, but i know up here it's gone by the 8th or so. i figure the 5th is good middle ground ;)

Andreanalaska said...

After spring break I will have to change my guess to April 26th. It is March 19th and there is very little snow. Another month of this kind of weather and there will be no snow.

Dandy said...

wow I totally missed the contest... but I'm going to guess anyways... lol ;)

May 16th