Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Website Monday

The view that was seen as we escaped the Peninsula.

Bumpkins and myself while visiting Princess. Bumpkins snuggling w/Princess (Mott's in the background).

DH and I enjoyed our adventure into the Big City. Got new cell phones, new phones for the house. Ate out at Panda Express at the Diamond Center (won't eat there again, they charged Bumpkins full price for a buffet. Also service wasn't that great.) Hula Hands out in Mountain View was excellent as usual. They didn't have any poi for us to sample. But DH had raw salmon, rice noodle soup (that was good), shredded pork in a Tapa leaf (Bumpkins and I didn't like that one) Luau like pork and rice. I had teriyaki chicken and some kind of marinated beef and rice. Also made a couple of home cooked meals for Princess and her room mates.

Fur Rondy was going on while we were there and the only events that we saw were the tables and tables at the Diamond Center. There was seal skins, baleen, ivory and qiviut. A lady was knitting w/the stuff and allowed me to touch the stuff. OH! it was soooo soft! Made my day. We missed the ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled Dog race (Princess's apartment was about 3 blocks away from where they were starting/running).

Red thing across the top is a Coif.
And these are 2 basket weave headbands that were made for the hat swap. I have forgotten the specifics... except that they were a fast knit. Lots of I cord and used little amounts of yarn. Burgundy one is peaches and cream cotton yarn. Purple is Bernat Cottontots. Pattern on Ravelry.

The picture on the right is of a coif that I made for a hat swap.
Specifics: Cast on March 2 finished March 3
Used US 10.5 and US 11 needles
yarn was local Alpaca about 50 yards.
modified pattern for Needle size and made I cord ties.

Random Website: Check out Freecycle you will need to use your yahoo account to join the groups. But this is an awesome way to acquire new "junk" for your house or to off load some stuff that is still useful- but not to you. (currently we are waiting on a phone call about a golden retriever that is being given away).


KaKi said...

Very nice! Sounds like you had a good weekend too. Isn't it nice to get away sometimes? I think it helps to get a change of scenery if nothing else.

Lynn said...

YEAH!!!!!! You took a picture of yourself with Bumpkins!!!!! You've made me very happy! LOL