Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Goals

Well Ali over at Skeins her Way is having a Spring 2008 Knitting goals contest. (has it been a year already that I have been seriously blogging and reading other peoples blogs? Wow!)
Anyways here are my goals for Spring projects:
  1. Finish knitting DH's scarf
  2. Finish knitting Bumpkin's leggings
  3. Finish knitting DM's socks
  4. Get a good start on Bumpkin's cardigan
  5. find yarn and cast on for Thing Two's gloves
  6. Find yarn and cast on for Prayer Sister's scarf
  7. Find yarn for Secret Sister
  8. finish sewing cat neck pillow
  9. finish DH's guitar quilt
  10. Make Bumpkin's jacket for Easter
  11. Make matching jacket for Doll baby for Easter
  12. Finish up UFO's of sewing doll clothes
  13. Attempt to finish Princess' jack-a-lope slippers
  14. Clean up craft room!
  15. Enjoy spring!

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