Monday, March 24, 2008

Random Website Monday

And our Spring flowers.
Pussy Willows.
(they are the small white fuzzy things).

And this is what we had for dinner;
Enchilada Style burritos.
Made plenty- now won't need
to cook for tomorrow.

And this is what DM gave
me for Easter.
4 skeins of fun fur-

Today was a veg day and then errands. Went to Kenai Fabric to buy some US 7 dpns. well when I was ready to leave Bumpkin's was not. I had to bribe my child to leave a fabric store! Wonder if fabric/yarn will be predominate in her life.

Random Website: World clock. (it is a depressing/eye opener of a website).


Lynn said...

Ok that dinner looks SO good!!!

jopal said...

Love the pussy willows. When I was a little girl my grandfather used to bring me some every year. He worked for the railroad and would find them along the tracks. They always bring back wonderful memories of him!