Thursday, March 20, 2008


DM's yard on Monday March 17.
She has a lot more snow than I do!

knitting: am way to tired. Actually did cast on for a gauge swatch for Bumpkin's cardigan. The swatch ended up being 4.5 inches w/ US 7 needles instead of 4 inches so I will redo w/US 6 needles.

Today is the First day of Spring and what kind of weather do we have? Well the temps maybe went to 32 F. It looked like snow, smelled like snow and felt like snow. And finally when I drove home there was snowflakes falling. Which now has tapered off and the wind is really blowing.

Princess wants to change her guess is there anyone else who wants to bump up their guess? Speak up now. Otherwise all guesses are locked in and we wait to see who is right.
Hmm... and now to think up the prize. Should be a snowman or something springy? I am thinking Spring- so off to look at some Spring time patterns and colors.

On another note: I am glad that Spring break is almost over (I come home from work totally exhausted!)


Lynn said...

I refuse to change my answer from Memorial Day just out of spite. NO PLACE should have snow when it's JUNE! Unless you are in the mountains. ARE you in the mountains????

Fiber Chic said...

Looks like my window outside, too! We had a freak storm yesterday, and looking outside, you'd think it's December, not March!
To top it all off, we just started spring break!