Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Website Monday and Strange Stuff

Knitting: Did several rounds on Bumpkin's leggings have about 2 inches left then one leg is finished!

Have been working some long hours at work again- and yes it is Spring Break! When I went to pick up Bumpkin's from Daycare tonight there was a sign posted that the facility will be closed Friday. I am glad- it is a Christian Daycare (church affiliated) DM will be watching Bumpkin's on Friday. Princess will be driving home that night.

There was no post on Monday because, I somehow scratched my eye and had to switch to glasses. Glasses haven't been worn in almost 2 yrs, so my eye hurt (so bad that the sun hurt and I couldn't take Bumpkins outside to play) and then adjusting to glasses was interesting. Imagine looking at the wavy carnival glass mirrors, now walk- that is what wearing glasses is like. Makes for very interesting stairway experiences. Hopefully Wednesday I can go back to contacts.

Random Website:
Back to the wardrobe we go and how many ways could you wear one dress? This individual made it ONE year with a simple black dress.

Strange Stuff:
If you checked out the Holiday Turducken at Christmas/ or Thanksgiving. Then you will definitely want to check this one out, the more intrepid readers may want to create this Easter Turducken (my family would say that this is will give you Diabetes- I know that isn't how you become Diabetic! But it will give you a good dose of Sugar overload).

Weather: today was in the 30's, Monday was in the teens in the morning and got really nice later. The snow from last week still hasn't completely melted from the drives.


Lynn said...

I LOVE the Easter turducken!!!! You end up eating all three anyway so what difference does it make if you eat it all at once?!?!?

And this is the reason I'm fat! LOL

Kazul said...

OK, I think T and J would love this. They like peeps. Actually, J may like it more as it involves a huge mess. I may just get him some stuff to play with for Easter. This was great. The dress was interesting, too.

Andreanalaska said...

Weather update: The days are really warm, pretty much don't need a jacket unless it is windy. Nights are freakin cold, scraping frost off the windshield at 8am. This makes for some black ice on the roads late night/ early morning.