Sunday, March 16, 2008

Y is for...

Y is for: Yet another cute kid/kitty picture.

Y is for:
"You think that I'm to big for this box? I do to fit.. think that a nap is now in order."

Y is for:
Yeppers another knitting project. This one is DM's sock being knitted on US 2 dpns and sockotta yarn. Cast on 52 and gauge is 7 sts. to an inch.

Y is for:
Yes it is a fish!
Specifics: US 8 needles took about 80 yards of purple/silver acrylic remnant. 2 hrs.

Family updates: DH got a job... he is a rent-a-cop ie.. security guard. Thank you Homeland Security for this job. (It is going to be a very high risk job come summer though. Homeland Security has decided that all ports will no longer be considered beach access. One of our ports is major beach access in the summer for the commercial set net fish sites and those fisherpeople will no longer have access to their beach sites that have been in their families since set netting started. So it affects a huge group of people for their livelihood and way of providing for their families. Another hit to our local economy).
Other family updates: we are on Spring Break. Sure would like to see some Spring! The snow from 2 days ago is still on our driveway! Princess says Anchorage has almost no snow.
Bumpkins and I went to Kaladi Bros. for a Ravelry knitting meetup. She was so good! Watched Dora (Thank you Princess) drank an Italian soda and ate a cookie that was good for almost 2 hrs. And I got some knitting time in on her black leggings that are now ready for the inside leg increases. No sewing this weekend and this is going to be a long week at work.

Weather today: Sunny and maybe 37 F.

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Lynn said...

Ok by having the contest as a sticky post, I didnt realize that you've been posting! I jsut see that post and move along, wondering why you havn't posted in awhile!
enjoy spring break with the snow. Somehow that just doesnt match...