Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekly yard picture

Our Saturday Evening sky: picture taken at 7:20 pm.
We all are excited that it is daylight so late in the day!
(I did miss the snow falling this morning though).

And this is what the Swing set looked like Friday March 14 2008,
Saturday morning there was a light dusting of snow on it.
Knitting: missed the Ravelry knit group meet up today. But have cast on and am now 2 inches into a pair of socks for DM. These have to get done before March 26th- they are for her Birthday. Last night Thing 2 requested that I mend some store bought gloves for him. I replied that I could knit him a pair, but I didn't know how to mend. So last night I went on Ravelry and found him a vintage glove pattern that is knit on 2 needles. Now I need to find the DK/sport weight yarn to make them.

Went shopping today.. yikes food is expensive! Other than eggs , milk, sour cream and bread I shouldn't need to go shopping this week at all! Yes I am all ready for Easter, even have the fixings for Easter Dinner.
Easter Dinner Menu:
Corned beef (7 + lbs of point cut in fridge)
potatoes (10 lbs on the shelf)
carrots (2 lbs in fridge)
small green cabbage (in fridge)
Dessert... shortbread cookies (unless Princess requests something else).
I know that traditionally that this should be made on Monday March 17th, St. Patrick's day. But it is my families most favorite meal and Princess will thoroughly enjoy it.

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