Monday, March 10, 2008

Random Website Monday

And the snowbank that may not be
completely gone by

Look! a little bit of spring. This little thing looks like dirt. And now for a close up of the ... yeah it is gravel! This is a very good sign that Spring will be here soon?

Knitting: Have picked up Bumpkins leggings- had to frog several inches to fix the fitting problem. It was right last fall when I started them, but she grew A LOT since then and so had to redo the lower leg. Also cast on and completed a fish. Learned how to do kfb and ssk. Used up a little bit of remnant yarn. (To late to take pix and post that one).

Bumpkins was sick this am. She had a scary cough- not the good hacking that she has had. But it was almost a whooping sounding thing. She drank some water and took some cough syrup and slept from 6:30 to 10:30. When she woke up at 10:30 she was so thirsty. Spiked a temp and ate dry Kix w/ginger ale. Very lethargic this lasted until noon. After that she was fine. Now the scary thing is she hasn't gone anywhere since Friday night when we went to the pool. The whole time I was thinking "Great she got sick from the pool. RWI (recreation water illness): giardia, crypto, e-coli. I was seriously stressing out! But like I said she is fine now. Strange

Random Website: We all watched the movie "Swiss Family Robinson"... now we can vacation like them. A Treehouse of our own for 2 nights or the whole weekend! A bit rustic though.

Weather: 40+, cloudy. Did you know that sawdust works better on ice than kitty litter? The sand from 2 weeks ago is melted odd shaped divets into the driveway that provide no traction against the ice.

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Lynn said...

Gee, maybe I should have guessed by July 4th!!!

and those treehouses are cool, but I gotta have one with a toilet!