Sunday, December 30, 2007

P is for........

P is for projects:
The blue is DH's scarf.

The green is my Secret Sister's at 19" almost 1/3 done. Hope to have it 1/2 done by tomorrow night. But at 4 rows to a 1/2" it is slow going.

P is for Pets:
Athena sleeping next to a sound board and on top of huge speakers.

Bumpkins playing in the snow w/Obi and Mackenzie.

P is for Princess:
(This is a bad picture, very difficult to take a picture of a picture.)
But this is what DH gave me for my birthday an 8X10 of Princess' Senior pic.

DH is out a gig tonight. Yeah. So I am uploading stash pictures to Ravelry. I am almost done. Then I will watch a movie and knit. Bumpkins fell asleep beside me on the couch tonight. She was one tired little girl.
Church today was interesting. The visiting pastor dressed up as St. Nick and told the tale of St. Nickolas. St. Nickolas was not canonized by any of the catholic churches and he was very Christian. Did you know that he was put in jail for 10 yrs. for preaching God's word? Reminds of the very early disciples who were put in jail for preaching.

In this day and time would you be willing to preach/worship if you knew you would go to jail?


Fiber Chic said...

Athena looks so comfortable around all of those speakers! Looks like Bumpkins is having fun in the snow, also...

Lynn said...

Great pictures!

Interesting question, I would say yes I would be willing to go to jail to preach and worship. People feel it wouldn't/couldn't happen in this country, but in the 40s it did.

and considering a lot of people don't bother to worship at all, most people wouldnt really care.