Sunday, December 23, 2007

O is for......

I meant to post these on Saturday for Saturday Sky. (Even though I am not part of that Web ring). These were all taken around 3:00 pm on Saturday. Just after we dropped Thing Two off at the airport to go to his mom's.

Optical illusion?

No this is really a picture of the full moon- taken at 3:00 pm. Just before sundown.


DH wanted to check out a local thrift store. This is what we bought for Bumpkins for $12.00. It is way to big, size 6 but so adorable. We also got a ? for Princess. Hope that she likes it. The thrift store was very impressive. You almost needed cell phones to just find each other. Each door you went through there was MORE stuff. Found a pea coat and some other clothes Princess may like. Also found a coat that had pleats like a lampshade. It was so bizarre.

Knitting: Have to finish up the drawstring bag for ?. That will actually be fast. Tomorrow during nap. Sewing: finish up jacket, slip and pjs. The dress and bonnet won't get done. I did lose a needle that was threaded somewhere in this house.

Cleaning: almost done. DH will clean Thing Two's bathroom tomorrow and dump the shop vac. I will mop floors and vacuum. Then onto making the lefse and going grocery shopping. Thinking about getting the little people house for Bumpkins (it is at DMs).

Bumpinks and I have gone cold turkey on the nursing. Tonight is the second night for not nursing (I am so full it hurts). Also this is the 3rd night she has been (stayed) in her own bed. I have had some really long nights though! Sitting next to her until she falls asleep.


KaKi said...

I LOVE thrift shops! Yours sounds really good. Are you crazy? Cold turkey on nursing?? I can't say much, I did the same thing. I heard somewhere you are supposed to wrap your breasts in something.........I know heat, but this was some kind of leaf to help with the engorging. Oh well, good luck!! I hope your Christmas is very merry!

Lynn said...

I used to love the thrift shops out on the eastern end of LI. The neighborhoods tended to be upper class so the thrift stores were always full with name brand stuff and in great shape!

Cold turkey on nursing huh? I'm impressed that she is doing ok with you laying next to her w/o wanting to nurse. I used to have the IO lay with them for the first couple of nights prior to weaning them off. And yes the boobs hurt!! Try expressing some milk while in the shower. That helps.

Lynn said...

DUH! I forgot to mention your skies! WOW!! ABsolutely beautiful!! Gorgeous moon. We get moons like that here every once in awhile and they are amazing to look at.