Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunday Ramblings on Wednesday....

Christmas Eve dinner:
Lefse turned out really good- for having made it for the first time. Took about an hour to roll and fry 16 lefse. (Lefse is the Norwegian tortilla, except made w/mashed potatoes and flour).
From left to right:
Rutsu: Mashed Potatoes and turnips. Actually turned out very good.
Sweet and Sour red cabbage: Not very sweet/sour and very soggy. Prefer not to eat my cabbage cooked. Will make again as a coleslaw.
Hot Fruit Soup: very good over the Rice pudding. (Sorry no photo of the Rice pudding).
Lamb: No photo, didn't cook very well. 4 lbs. at 325 degrees for almost 2 hrs. still way to rare.
The lamb found its way into Shepard's pie the next day. (The Shepard's pie would have been a good place to put the leftover Rutsu and tater tots.)

Just some thoughts... After hearing the Nativity story twice. I was wondering why was there no room in the inn. In that part of the world there is the family bed (s) many people crowded into beds as possible. Any floor space can hold a mat to sleep on (as this was ages ago where beds where a precious item). Was it because when Joseph knocked on the door of the inn, he told the inn keeper "this chick is my girlfriend and the baby isn't mine. And she is going to have this kid any time, so can we stay here anyways? Dude". Or is it because Mary was probably in labor and there wasn't an area for her to have the baby away from anyone. (Gotta' remember that having a kid meant you went to the red tent. As per the Jewish law at the time). As I think about it- the reason was probably the latter one. And where in the Bible do the sacrifices stop? Such as having to go to the priests to perform the sacrifices for God.

The debate at work last week was why Christmas is held when it is. Is it because of the pagan holiday of Winter Solstice and the Roman Catholic Church wanted to draw people away from that tradition? Or is it because that is when Christ was born (not exact day but the winter season?)

Enjoy the 12 days of Christmas! Or the traditional Boxing Day.


Lynn said...

I go with the Catholic Church wanting to convert the pagans and made it easier by converting their pagan worship to mean something different. If you go to the Catholic Church encyclopedia, they pretty much agree to this.

And I have to laugh at your description of Joseph! DUDE!! LOL

Fiber Chic said...

Ditto on the funny description of Joseph!

the boogeyman's wife said...

love the description of joseph! i think the sacrifices under the law of moses were supposed to stop with christ's sacrifice when he was crucified, although the church in the new testament had some problems figuring out how exactly christ had fulfilled the law and which bits they didn't need to make new converts do. and i second the vote on the cahtolic church trying to convert pagans. that's what i've always heard anyway.

Andreanalaska said...

Christ was born in what would be today mid-summer. The church changed the date to deal with Saturnalia, a pagan celebration, held December 25. It is easier to change why people party, than to stop people from partying.