Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Strange Stuff Tuesday

Yikes! this Advent blogging isn't going very well. Way to busy!

Monday- I will post pictures later about the cons of having a front loading washing machine. (yep- it flooded the basement not once but twice). Made some awesome cream cheese sugar cookies (they made a lot like over 80 cookies). Went to the library and 13 books later (several are cookbooks for Christmas meals). Went to a La Leche meeting (our hospital has remodeled and now I have to read the map of how to get to anywhere!) Didn't sleep well as we are attempting to move Bumpkins into her own bed.

Tuesday: Washed dishes, put away laundry, prepared for the washing machine repair guy, and went to work. Work, did 4 sets of lessons (2 of them are private ie... one on one w/a child), supervised and taught water aerobics. We have a blizzard warning in effect (so a long slow drive home tonight). Have to go into work early tomorrow 7 am so need to go to bed now.

Prayer request: There was a lifeflight helicopter that went down somewhere in the Prince William Sound Monday at 5 pm. The search was called off due to bad weather, the flight crew are members of this community. Also Agrium is laying off 80 people from the local fertilizer plant on Dec. 5.

Random website: Bible readings for the month of Advent.

Strange stuff Tuesday: And for that person who wants NOTHING for Christmas. Fast and easy!


Fiber Chic said...

Hmmm...I can think of a couple people who might be getting a refreshing jar of nothing for Christmas! ;)

Kazul said...

I love the nothing jar, but I don't want one!!!! On the other hand, I could probably put something in it!!! I had another test today. Still nothing wrong. Will get an MRI on Friday. (I shudder)