Sunday, December 2, 2007

M is for..........

M is for Music Studio. It is up and operational. (very loud neighbors now though). A yarn/quilt shop would be so much quieter.
M is for Men! DH requested sugar cookies for Christmas baking. No problem there.... he later says "I don't know what sugar cookies are -but they are buttery and have sugar on top." After I make the dough for cream cheese sugar cookies (delicious by the way- will post link after baking tomorrow) a lightbulb goes on that perhaps the cookies he wants are spritz. Yep. Spritz- so now DM gets to make them for him as I don't have a cookie press.

(Dove ornaments painted w/acrylic paint)

(do you remember these crafts- weaving plastic wreaths/candy canes through lace ribbon).

So for Advent today Bumpkins and I set out to go to church. Well after waking up at 8 am, Bumpkins fell asleep at 10:30 and slept until 12:30. So no church for us (wouldn't have been fun for anyone since Bumpkin's was crabby tired). So this afternoon, I decided to make us a Jesse tree. Good idea...... NOT! A Jesse tree is a tree branch that is anchored in a bucket w/ sand or dirt. The large branch and bucket were no problem. But the ground is frozen SOLID! There is no way that I am scraping enough dirt to fill a bucket. So we made ornaments instead. Now that was exciting. I taught preschool w/6 3 yr olds and used this paint. I never had the trouble w/those kids like I did w/ Bumpkins. Yikes! Thankfully she starts preschool this week.

Prayer request: Kazul has lost vision in one of her eyes and the doctors don't know what is wrong. She has moved to a new area and has to travel a great distance to go the specialist. Her husband can't take anymore time of off work at his new job to drive her.

Princess returned safely from Vancouver, British Columbia- her bag did not. Bag vs. baggage train. Bag lost big time. Thankfully nothing was smashed or lost.


KaKi said...

A music studio???? You are a BRAVE woman!! I don't think I would have the nerves for this!

Jane said...

Thanks for entering my contest - I enjoyed reading your blog.