Friday, December 14, 2007


Good news! Dell called today and is sending the computer back all fixed. So by Tuesday I will be back in action. With pictures and other fun stuff. Also Kazul is slowly regaining her eyesight- no word yet on how the MRI turned out. Kazul has a cell phone! It has only taken her FOREVER to get one. And thankfully she didn't get a Razr. Had a nice chat with Thing Two- and he is "cool" with my reasoning. DH keeps leaving Bumpkins w/Thing Two. I am getting grumpy about it. I don't want to use Thing Two as a live in sitter. That isn't fair to him, occasionally is ok- Not every day.

Bad news now: Bumpkins has pinkeye. Took her to daycare and even after the director looked at her eyes (we decided that she was ok). So now all the kids have been exposed to this virus. Swimming lessons aren't over. I have 2 more days next week. The Christmas party for tonight was canceled (maybe that was good thing especially w/Bumpkins infection- she would have infected 2 other kids). And now my eyes itch. But thankfully we have medicine for eye infections.

Well off to knit- I am almost 2/3 done w/the red cross drawstring bag. But I don't like it. Do I have enough time to redo it? Tomorrow will be a stay at home day- as Bumpkins is contagious. So hopefully will get a lot done then.

To answer some comments about the litter box. The litter box is out in an entry way that isn't heated. The temps out there run about 20 or so degrees warmer than the outside temps. And since tonight it is already in the single digits. The heating pad goes back on (frozen cat poo- doesn't stink! but heated cat poo does).


Fiber Chic said...

Hope Bumpkins feels better soon!

Kazul said...

Note, cell phones are way over rated. Too easy to become dependant on!! Thinking of you, K.