Saturday, December 1, 2007

Beginning of Advent Season

This month I will attempt to blog every day in regards to Advent. (the thoughts expressed here are mine and what I have gleaned from sources on the internet- please don't quote me but do your own research. I could be wrong about some things).
But first to explain what is Advent? Advent is the beginning of the church year for most churches in the Western tradition.
And what is the Advent season? The entire season is a celebration of the Birth of Christ. And anticipation of Christ's return.
More tomorrow.....

Knitting: Lots! more done on DH's scarf, Secret sisters scarf, finished another drawstring bag and co on for another. Frogged DM's socks again. Bumpkins is making some potholders for people for Christmas (she is knitting them w/a lot of help!).

Still no snow. Bumpkins had the flu for the last couple of days. Didn't go to work on Friday (she started throwing up around 4 am and was a couch potato most of the day). Baby Einstein is awesome! (kind of tired of baby Beethoven though after watching that 5 times in one day it got old fast). Athena got new cat food (went back to sensitive stomach- and she isn't hungry anymore.) ie... jumping up on the counters, scrounging for food, stealing food. Thing Two had a wrestling tournament today- his first. Regions are next week- he is impressed w/how well he did. Kind of sad that he spent the season ineligible. DH's studio is up and running, now to find the missing house keys. I put them somewheres last October.

Dinner: Turkey soup delicious (don't remember how I made it though!).


KaKi said...

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on advent. I didn't learn about this season until I was an adult. Now, I lvoe the ritual.

Fiber Chic said...

I can't wait to see how Bumpkin's potholders look!