Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just another day at work

For Lynn who has 5 cats... and no Kitty Thursday pictures.
The box Athena is sitting in is an $8.90 flat rate postal box. And she jumped in there all by herself! Oops... forgot to crop out the unwrapped Christmas presents.

Knitting: Working on DH's scarf and still need to pick Secret Sister's scarf back up. DH can wait on his, but Secret Sister's scarf has a deadline (sometime in Jan.).

This is another of the drawstring pouches.
Details: Knit w/2 strands one of fun fur and the other grey acrylic.

And yes this was a Christmas present that didn't quite get done.
I did join a KAL in ravelry.... but for those of you not in Ravelry here is another:
Sounds a little better as you can set deadlines all year long ie.... Birthdays in Jan.

Today at work was interesting. A youth had a bloody nose- right in front of me. By the time I had tossed my tube and gloved up. There was blood dripping onto the deck. I controlled the bleeding and took her to First Aid. Did you know that lots of blood has a smell? It was horrible! The smell and all that blood all down her arms, face, neck, swimsuit. Nige again checked up on me frequently as I was pretty squeamish. I was considering going back to school to be a labor/delivery room nurse or midwife. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I could maybe be a Doula- but nothing else. I can't handle large quantities of BLOOD. And part of my job is dealing with large amounts of blood. I am counting one of my blessings- I have only had to deal w/2 nose bleeds (large amounts of blood) and both times the people knew more about what to do than did I.

All right for those of wondering/asking. Bumpkins and I are doing great! Today was the first day she didn't ask for "Lovins". We were already down to having 2 nursings (on weekends) one (on weekdays). So it wasn't to horribly traumatic to stop all together.

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Lynn said...

Ok I didn't have any REAL kitty pictures, but I did post something! LOL I used up all my good kitty shots the thursday before.

Athena looks SO cute! She's ready to be sent to me for a visit.

Glad to hear that you both are doing well with the weaning. You were practically done anyway with the schedule you had going.