Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas menus

We are doing Norwegian foods for Christmas Eve dinner.
Norwegian Marinated Leg of Lamb
sour cream DM's is bringing over. Hopefully I didn't mess up by marinating the lamb on Thursday. It was still very frozen when I started so it should be ok.
Norwegian Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage and Red currant jelly bought.
Rutabega bought.
Hot Norwegian Fruit Soup
1/2 lb. of each raisins, dried prunes, dried apricots and orange juice bought (except for the OJ)
Fried Apples
8 apples (bought)
Rice pudding
raisins, milk still need to get Lactaid
dough is setting in the fridge
Hot Spiced cranberry juice
don't think so

Christmas Day Brunch:

I had bought 2 pkgs but have lost one somewhere. DH says we will find it in about a week, depending on temps. Actually it isn't in the house, Athena would be going nuts.
Puff Pancake

Hash Browns
Ore Ida Hash browns- if I remember to buy some t0morrow. (Sunday)
Special Ground coffee- Kona blend
And leftover fruit from Christmas Eve's dinner.
And some kind of Sourdough pastry
Sourdough is fermenting as I write.

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