Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mid week update

Knitting: not much- work is so getting in the way of finishing projects. (Took my knitting w/me today and well forgot it there. Oh well- I have 4 more projects here at home). No sewing either.

No water aerobics tonight (no participants- one of my regulars was medivaced up to Anchorage with a brain tumor. Please keep her in your prayers). I want to knit but Bumpkins won't go to sleep! And it is almost 11 pm. ARRGGG!

As the temps seem to be dropping. Low teens- it is now time to turn the heating pad back on. Athena doesn't like to use a cold litter box. Something about frozen kitty litter just isn't right. Picky cat! (Someone reccommended that I sit on a heating pad for my sore hip- and they were kind of surprised when I explained where my heating pad was).

Dell called today and they have received my computer. So by New Year's I should have my computer back!

Tomorrow should be the last day of swim lessons. I am so excited! One month where I won't be swimming except by my choice!


KaKi said...

Ooooo your heating pad is where??? Goodness. I think you should definitely buy another!!! Yippee! No more swimming! Hope you have loads of fun on your holiday!

Lynn said...

Ok how cold do you keep your house that you have frozen cat litter?!!?