Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Website Monday

The first harbinger of Spring...
there is a robin
(blogger ate my post and I lost my bigger shot of the robin)

Every Alaskan child gets to play in the water with the trucks.......

DM's socks
(the gussets are now started).

Was sunny but windy out today so instead of sewing- Bumpkin's and I went out to conquer the garden. Raked it up and got a HUGE pile of old dead grass (guess that is what happens when the garden goes to seed for 3 years). The ground is still frozen under it all and there was snow on the backside. The stuff that got raked up last fall was already starting to compost and the shrews had a heyday in that last winter. Digging tunnels, while looking for the worms. No wonder we had so many critters in the house last winter. There was a Denney's right outside the house.

Had training tonight, Bumpkin's went out to DM's and played w/Obi and Mackenzie. Got home after 10:30. Filled my tank up with gas and almost had a heart attack. $71.88 for almost 18 gallons (van was running on fumes). This weekend I saw a cool little moped that got 135 mpg- DH said that 40 mph wasn't fast enough for our highways. Bummer, that thing would pay for itself in gas in no time.

Random Website: DH's website. If some of the pictures look familiar it is because they have been posted on this blog previously.


Fiber Chic said...

Love the sock color!

Lynn said...

So my Mem day guess of no snow is still a posibility?

jopal said...

Love the color of the socks - very spring like!
I am lucky that I only work 1 mile from home so my gas lasts awhile but still costs a lot!