Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Sky

Friday night at 8:30 pm.
(yes it is Snow)Last Night's snow shower left this
Mornings wonderful white landscape.
(the snow melted a lot this last week!)

And now my new work shoes..
Teva's ordered last Saturday from Sierra Trading Post.
Cost: $42.00 + sh
Regular price: $80.00
(They are even more comfortable than my worn out pair
that lasted 6 yrs!)

Knitting: have aprox. 7 inches left on DH's scarf. Princess is really getting antsy about her Itouch cozy. So that better be next on the semi fast list.

Finally it is the weekend and I can enjoy my time off. Last night the internet was down (snow) so after reading another very interesting book "the history of the snowman". I went to bed kind of early for me, midnight. Then DH called and needed me to connect to the internet... I told him it was down 20 minutes ago and I had just fallen asleep. Needless to say I got up to see if there was connectivity and what do you know.. WE HAD INTERNET! After restarting the laptop and getting online, I called him back and did an internet search while on the phone w/him. Gave him the info that he needed and then since I was up and the computer was on... I went online for few minutes. Needless to say that when Bumpkins got up at 8:15, mommy wasn't ready to get up. But I had to because she was trying to wake her Daddy up, he got off work at 8 am and made it to bed around 8:30. So today was spent grocery shopping, a 2 pack of Jiffy Peanut Butter is now over $8.00! And this afternoon we went swimming, Bumpkins went down the slide many times (no she doesn't go by herself yet)!


Frieda said...

Finally you got new sandal's for work. They were starting to get really old. Many years of working at the pool finally pays off!

Snowman Expert said...

i was searching/trolling the web for snowman info and news for my online magazine Today's Snowman and accidentally came across your blog and wanted you to enter your top photo in this month's snowman contest - it would be a tongue-in-cheek gesture. Meanwhile reading your entry I see that you are enjoying my book, The History of the Snowman and I'd like to thank you!

Jane said...

Happy to see snow still under your swingset (sorry!) 'cause I think I picked Mother's Day for your snow to be gone contest!

Lynn said...

Great shoes!!! And the snow has melted!! YEAH!!!! Maybe my Mem Day guess is too late!!!!