Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Contest Winner: is Kaki with a guess of May 1!
(so go on over to congratulate her)
The official date for that yard to be snow free was April 30
(I was holding off on announcing a winner because more snow was being forecasted).

Saturday sky.. taken around 8:30 pm

As you can see the snow is all gone....
(what is left doesn't count as it is a snow pile from snowblowing the drive).
There will be another contest next year... but a different yard will be decided upon (and there is still snow in some of the yards and not from snow falling off the roof).

Knitting: on the final rows of DM's Mother's Day socks and they fit her! Today bought myself some new knitting needles (sock 000,00, 01, 1) or something like that.....

Have been kind of busy of late, frantically knitting DM's socks, finding a quilt block pattern for a Round Robin quilt swap, and searching for yarn and pattern for a mini Ravenclaw sock. Also work and the cooking and cleaning. So not much time to blog.

Today DM watched Bumpkins while DH and I went to a matinee showing of Iron Man. Excellent flick. For dinner we went to Subway... just the thing to sop up all the junk food consumed at the theater.

Book reading: Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini


Jane said...

Congratulations to Kaki - and congratulations on your snow being gone!

Lynn said...

I'm happy that you no longer have snow on your grass. May should be a time of growth, not frozen land.