Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday's Strange Stuff

The price of gas 2 weeks ago....
The price of Gas today.....
And Tesoro's Nikiski Oil Refinery
(I drive by it to go to work each day-
and the gas station is less than 1 mi away from the facility).

Knitting: couple more rows done the scarf.

More melting going on... there were swans out on the Kenai River flats when I went to work. But they were gone by the time I came home. Did take pictures of the geese but they were all blurry. The good news is the Snow Geese, ducks, Canadian Geese, and swans are back. Haven't seen any Sandhill Cranes yet.... so Spring is here!

Strange Stuff: Actually these "britches" are kind of cute.. not very strange at all.


Sisterly Knits said...

=( My Mom and Dad were talking about that last night. Gas prices are rising...and so are food prices! Oh well, I guess we'd better start moving to mars...and riding bikes for that matter!

Fiber Chic said...

The gas price is partly why I'm not that excited about getting my permit next year.

Lynn said...

Yes you do make my gas seem *cheap* at $3.59, but it's STILL high. Add in the fact that some stores are starting to ration rice, well it makes me want to build a bomb shelter like they had in the 50s!