Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"Sing a song of winter,
of frosty clouds in the air!
Sing a song of snowflakes falling everywhere."
by: N. Schlichter

4 days later.....
The Snowman melteth......

Finished! Finally....
The Scarf!

Knitting: Finally finished the scarf today. Even weaved in ends. It is only 56" long not 60" but DH likes it. Now to make a hat to go w/it and that is one gift done for Christmas. Also finished another Baby Bootie (still need to sew it together though). DM's sock has a heel and I am working on the gussets. This sock has had to be frogged back numerous times- this last time was because there was a great gaping hole before the instep. Not good, so ripped back 8 rows. Now my left bicep and wrist are sore... so no more knitting tonight.

DH brought home a co-workers shirt for me to mend. After ripping out the sleeve, realized that the whole cuff had to be removed, the shirt sleeve requires trimming before the cuff can be put back on. Tomorrow's project. Hopefully it goes back together pretty easily and I can get some money for doing this. I need to find a way to make $120.00 worth of items each week, then life would be very good.

Bumpkin's is getting so big. Today at Safeway, she told me that we were forgetting somepin. The somepin turned out to be juice... not just any juice either. Pink juice. So now we have a gallon of pink Tampico in our fridge (it is cheaper than buying a whole bunch of Crystal lights).

Weather: snow... and now I guess it is raining. (internet connection is very sporadic).

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Fiber Chic said...

The color of the scarf looks like denim fabric; 56" is still a rather long scarf! :)