Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekly yard picture

"Hmm... less fries and more crunchers"
Snowman #2
only slightly taller than Bumpkins.
(making snowmen is hard work!)The yard Wednesday morning.

Bumpkin's out enjoying the snow....

Everyone went outside......

It is warmer in here!

So the snow is still lingering around.. especially with temps that are staying around 10 degrees F at night and 37 F in the day. Today is sunny- much like Wednesday.

Knitting: Finished the back of Bumpkin's cardigan (no pix), made a baby bootie (no pix) and have only 2 more inches left on DH's scarf!

Today is being spent on outings... This morning Mugz: for hot chocolate, cookies, tea and scones (knitting time w/a friend). Library: faster upload, books and DVD's. Swimming Pool: swimming and slide (playing with new friends... kids that I taught lessons to). Nana's: Lunch! and then grocery shopping. Finally Home for the rest of the day/evening. And maybe a chance to play outside in the snow- AGAIN!

Right now uploading at the library- but Bumpkins attention span is gone . So gotta' run.


Fiber Chic said...

Have fun in the snow-while I enjoy nice, warm temperatures of 50*, possibly 70 this week! Yahoo!

KaKi said...

Hey! I have missed you. I have taken a break as the computer thing hurts my shoulder. But tonight I just had to check in. I can't believe you still have snow!! YUCK!! It was 80* here yesterday!! Shorts and tshirts!! You jealous? :-)

Kazul said...

At least your snow was snowman material! Ours was just dry and cold. Hope the snow today stopped. Snow is good, but too much of a good thing is just too much.

Andreanalaska said...

That cat is not allowed outside! Last time she got out in the winter she got pneumonia.