Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

Saturday Sky
(yep we got some more snow).
The front yard this morning....
5 inches or more of the white stuff.

Another shot of the yard.
Before the snowplows were out plowing.

Knitting: Finished knitting and grafting toe on DM's sock, also picked up and weaved in the dropped stitches. Had a Ravelry knitting get together planned for this morning. But DH said that the roads were bad and that was at 6:00 this am. So instead we stayed home.

Have to go clean out the car so DH can run trash. Yuck.. and then sometime I need to go grocery shopping and the library. But with the gas prices, may just go shopping after church on Sunday. And have DH drop the DVD off at the library.

Two people are out of the contest for "when will the snow begone?" Kazul who guessed April 23 and Princess who guessed April 26.

Breakfast: Buttermilk pancakes. Some had chocolate chips and others had hot apple slices on top.

Dinner: Roast Chicken, mashed taters, gravy, peas/carrots, and buttermilk biscuits.

(I had this ready to post hours ago, but got the satellite lost internet connection).
Desert: how does an upside apple cake sound?


Andreanalaska said...

This week there was no snow on the ground, people were raking their lawns. Yesterday it snowed 2ft. For pictures of my 7ft snowman check out my blog

Jane said...

Dinner sounds great - I'll be right there!