Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Quotes

"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing..
is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing."
Phyllis DillerAnd the first blue sky in days!
more snow fell over night.

Since I am now done with the alphabet- a new Theme was needed for Sunday. Kazul sent me 40 quotes for my Birthday and those will be shared with you over the next several months.

Knitting: nothing really new from yesterday. Did discover that I am 2 inches behind in a sweater CKAL, so that will be getting some work done on it.

Sewing: found a pattern for a handbag and sometime today will be printing that out. So that I can start for the handbag contest.

Something way cool happened to me... and you never know who actually is reading your blog. But the author of "the history of the snowman" Bob Eckstein read my blog and posted a comment! And yes I am basking in this moment for a time..
And since spring snows are wetter than the winter snows- this is perfect for snowballs and snowpeople. (sorry Kazul- no anatomically correct snowpeople from us!)

Breakfast: 1/2 whole wheat buttermilk pancakes some of them had mini choc chips and others had apple chunks. Topped w/homemade applesauce and cheap syrup. (Bumpkin's no longer says cancakes :(


Andreanalaska said...

I woke up yesterday to find my car covered in snow :( A light snow storm continued through the day. But with it being so warm out it melts and leaves a nasty slush.

Lynn said...

UGH, more snow. Ignore my last comment......

and I'm going to borrow that saying from Phillis Diller because its SO TRUE!!!! Esp when they are home on spring break!