Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Sky and yard

The snowman is gone!

There is still snow under the swing set.....
(Hmm.. does it count if the snow is gone under the swing set
But still has snow all around it?)

The camera took this picture of the blue sky.
(It was hazy and I honestly didn't know the cloud was there!)

First bike ride of the year!
Today's temp was 45 F.
(tomorrow will plant sweet pea seeds).

Knitting: have been busy! DM's sock only has an inch left until toe decreases.... that is until I found a dropped stitch (way back at the beginning of the gusset decreases!). Bumpkin's sweater has a partial sleeve- until I tried it on her. It is way to big! The underarm seam is almost to her elbow. So instead of frogging everything!
I turned to the sewing machine. And have started the prize for the "winter snow contest". I hope that whomever wins this will like it. Non knitters and knitters alike. At Kenai Fabric yesterday I bought a quilt panel and have just created an interesting item. Princess- where are those cool rubber buttons? I bought three of them several years ago and can't find them anywhere! Princess used one on a bag she was attempting to hand sew.

Well that's all for now.

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Jane said...

Hope that snow under the swingset can hold on another two weeks!